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#155 Add test to nightly build that launches each app Kevin Milner enhancement minor build-process
#395 Clean up documentation for XY_DataSet/DiscretizedFunc classes Kevin Milner defect major commons
#400 AbstractXY_DataSet.getClosestX(double y) Kevin Milner defect minor sha
#452 Add latest CVM-H basin depth models, with and without geotechnical layer Kevin Milner enhancement major commons
#458 Create Tornado Diagram plotting classes Kevin Milner enhancement major commons
#462 write class to fetch precomputed EALs for each rupture in a branch averaged solution Kevin Milner defect major UCERF3
#463 Get better high resolution CA topography files Kevin Milner defect major commons
#465 new surface distance caching implementations Kevin Milner enhancement major sha
#477 Add cloning and moving methods to RuptureSurface Kevin Milner defect major sha
#485 Create framework for converting IM Components Kevin Milner defect major sha
#487 Users with cached JNLP files for retired server mode applications do not get update notice Kevin Milner enhancement major sha
#492 Add NGAWest2's to Attenuation Relationship Plotter Kevin Milner enhancement major sha
#146 Adjust longitude behavior in Location Peter Powers enhancement major sha
#394 address discrepancy of hasPoint(x, y) behaviour in XY_DataSet implementations defect major commons
#432 Add legend support to GraphPanel enhancement major commons
#446 Finish QuadSurface implementation and tests defect major sha
#449 Update "Server Is Down" error message to include possibility of new release defect major commons
#450 Make operational test check that released versions of servlets work defect major build-process
#451 EnumParameter can't be serialized with servlets. defect major sha
#453 NGA2 Wrapper Period Parameter inconsistencies defect major sha
#457 Add solid bar option to PlotLineType enhancement major commons
#461 Servlets not updated on production tomcat instance defect critical commons
#464 Add option for using histogram x values in plots instead of starting at zero defect major commons
#466 HazardCurveCalculator casts all curves to ArbitrarilyDiscretizedFunction but takes DiscretizedFunction defect major sha
#475 Compilation issue with Java 8 defect major sha
#476 Create Attenuation Relationship Modification classes task major sha
#479 Add option for dynamic memory detection to batch launch scripts enhancement major commons
#481 Update simulator parsers/writers to version 0.6 task major sha
#482 Reorganize simulator packages, separate parsers/writers from analysis code enhancement major sha
#483 General_EQSim_Tools assumes section IDs are continuous defect major sha
#488 Add interpolation capabilities to GMT web service defect major commons
#489 Add contour map capabilities to GMT web service defect major commons
#508 Mag Freq Dist App won't plot after Clear-Plot Called defect major sha
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