Automated Build Process

Cruise Control

OpenSHA uses CruiseControl for Continuous Integration (see our CruiseControl status page).

Cruise Control is setup on in the /usr/local/cruise/main directory. The configuration file is stored in the repository at conf/cc_conf.xml.


This rebuilds the OpenSHA project after every revision, runs select JUnit tests, and sends e-mails when a build is broken.


This runs various nightly, time based builds. These run regardless of repository modifications.


This runs hourly to check the status of key services (GMT map generation, RMI), regardless of repository modifications.

Releasing Applications

see Releasing Applications

Manually Building Nightly Jars

To manually rebuild nightlies, ssh into, then navigate to the "ant" sub-directory of the Tomcat development build directory (for more information see Tomcat Configuration). This will rebuild all of the nightly jar files, and restart Tomcat:

kevin@milner:~$ ssh
Last login: Wed Aug 11 13:09:01 2010 from
[1:opensha] ~: cd /usr/local/tomcat/default/webapps/OpenSHA_dev/WEB-INF/ant
[2:opensha] /usr/local/tomcat/default/webapps/OpenSHA_dev/WEB-INF/ant: ./ cc-build-test.xml
Buildfile: cc-build-test.xml
Total time: 4 minutes 6 seconds
Last modified 13 years ago Last modified on Aug 11, 2010, 2:08:41 PM