OpenSHA Tomcat Configuration

OpenSHA uses Apache Tomcat as it's Java Servlet container.

Configuration File

The Tomcat configuration file can be found in the repository at conf/web.xml. Note: edits to this file won't be automatically must replace the existing web.xml file with conf/web.xml when making changes!

For example:

[8:opensha] /usr/local/tomcat/default/webapps/OpenSHA/WEB-INF: svn up
At revision 6959.
[8:opensha] /usr/local/tomcat/default/webapps/OpenSHA/WEB-INF: cp conf/web.xml web.xml

Parallel Dev/Production Setup

OpenSHA is in constant development. To provide stability for released applications, while still allowing us to develop the project, there are two parallel Tomcat contexts.

Applications use the ServerPrefs and ServerPrefUtils classes to determine which URLs to use.

Each context also runs RMI services on different ports.

Production Context

The production context uses themost recent release branch.

Development Context

The development context uses the trunk.

This gets updated automatically every night as part of the nightly build process.

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