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NSHMP CEUS 2008 IMR doesn't work in apps

Reported by: Kevin Milner Owned by: Peter Powers
Priority: major Milestone: OpenSHA 1.4
Component: sha Version:
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The NSHMP IMR was being held out of apps (set to DevStatus?.ERROR). The reason indicated ticket #366 which is now closed. I reinstated it but still encountered errors. First of all, it doesn't have the constructor with a ParameterChangeWarningListener?. I added a catch in AttenRelRef?.instance() to try a no arg constructor which works. It still doesn't work in apps, however. It looks to be expecting Vs30 from the site, but Vs30 isn't added to it's site parameters list:

org.opensha.commons.exceptions.ParameterException: ParameterList: getParameter(): No parameter exists named Vs30
	at org.opensha.commons.param.ParameterList.getParameter(
	at org.opensha.nshmp2.imr.NSHMP08_CEUS.setSite(
	at org.opensha.sha.calc.HazardCurveCalculator.getHazardCurve(
	at org.opensha.sha.gui.HazardCurveApplication.computeHazardCurve(

Peter, would you like to fix since it's your code or should I dive in?

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Peter Powers

I need to look at that class; I'm reluctant to have anyone make changes to it as there are a number of Kludgey things that I had to do to reproduce NHSMP results. Please keep it out of apps for now as well.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Kevin Milner

Cool that's what I suspected (and hoped) you'd say! It is still set to DevStatus?.ERROR so it won't even show up in apps launched from trunk until that's changed.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Kevin Milner

Milestone: OpenSHA 1.3OpenSHA 1.4

Still an issue but punting to 1.4 as it wouldn't be included in apps anyway

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