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This is a command line utility for extracting time dependent probabilities and equivalent annualized rates from a UCERF3 Fault System Solution.

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usage: TimeDepRateExtractor [-a] [-b] -d <arg> [-h <arg>] -o <arg> -p
       <arg> -s <arg> [-y <arg>]
 -a,--filter-aftershocks               Apply aftershock filter
 -b,--binary                           Output equivalent annualized rates
                                       binary file in FSS rates.bin
                                       format. Otherwise CSV format.
 -d,--duration <arg>                   Forecast duration in years.
 -h,--hist-open-interval-basis <arg>   Year basis for historical
                                       openinterval. Default: 1875
 -o,--output-file <arg>                Output file name
 -p,--prob-model <arg>                 Probability model. One or more of
                                       ID,BPT_HIGH. Multiple entries can
                                       be comma separated.
 -s,--solution <arg>                   Input Fault System Solution zip
 -y,--start-year <arg>                 Forecast start year. Default: 2014


To create a CSV file with probabilities and equivalent annualized rates for for each probability model and a 5 year duration:

java -jar TimeDepRateExtractor.jar --duration 5 --start-year 2014 --solution /path/to/ --hist-open-interval-basis 1875 --prob-model  U3_PREF_BLEND,POISSON,BPT_LOW,BPT_MID,BPT_HIGH --output-file /path/to/output.csv