UCERF3 Time Dependent Supplementary Materials

Each directory contains results for a different magnitude range and time span. For example, 'm6.7_5yr' refers to 5 year results for M >= 6.7 ruptures and 'all_30yr' refers to 30 year results for all supra-seismogenic ruptures.
Each calculation includes aftershocks. UCERF2 results, where presented, have been scaled to include aftershocks as: newProb = 1 - exp((1/0.97)*ln(1-oldProb))

Other Files:
Figures_From_Report.zip: Zip file with all figures from the report.
HazardMaps: Time dependent hazard maps for UCERF3 and UCERF2
Magnitude_Probabilty_Distributions: Region and fault magnitude probability distributions.
Parent_Section_Probabilities.xlsx: Excel file with participation probabilities on each parent fault section.
UCERF3_OpenIntervals_ver11.xls: Excel file with date of last event data on each subsection where known.

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