Class CCSmallHouseRetro

  extended by org.opensha.sra.vulnerability.AbstractVulnerability
      extended by org.opensha.sra.vulnerability.models.curee.caltech.CureeCaltechWoodFrame
          extended by org.opensha.sra.vulnerability.models.curee.caltech.CCSmallHouseRetro
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Vulnerability

public class CCSmallHouseRetro
extends CureeCaltechWoodFrame

Title: CCSmallHouseRetro
Description A digital representation of the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project small house retrofit Sagm(0.2s,5%) vulnerability function. (CWF-104-0205)

Eric Martinez, Keith Porter
See Also:
CureeCaltechWoodFrame, Serialized Form

Field Summary
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ADF, BDF, im_type, name, PGA, SA, shortName
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  double[] getCOVDFArray()
 double[][] getDEMMatrix()
          Gets or creates the Damage Exceedance Matrix associated with the current vulnerability model.
protected  double[] getDFArray()
Methods inherited from class org.opensha.sra.vulnerability.models.curee.caltech.CureeCaltechWoodFrame
getDEMDFVals, getDF, getDFTable, setInitVars
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getADF, getAssetType, getBDF, getDFVals, getExceedProb, getHazardTemplate, getIMLValues, getIMT, getLossStdDev, getLossType, getMaxIMLVal, getMeanDamageAtExceedProb, getMeanDamageFactor, getMinIMLVal, getName, getParameters, getPeriod, getShortName, getVulnerabilityFunc, setParameter, setPeriod
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Constructor Detail


public CCSmallHouseRetro()
Method Detail


protected double[] getDFArray()
Specified by:
getDFArray in class CureeCaltechWoodFrame


protected double[] getCOVDFArray()
Specified by:
getCOVDFArray in class CureeCaltechWoodFrame


public double[][] getDEMMatrix()
Description copied from class: AbstractVulnerability
Gets or creates the Damage Exceedance Matrix associated with the current vulnerability model. This can either be precomputed and stored in memory (faster runtime, larger memory requirements), or it can be computed on the fly with an (assumed/given) distribution by using the MDF and COVDF.

Specified by:
getDEMMatrix in class AbstractVulnerability
The Damage Exceedance Matrix