Class ShakeMap_2003_AttenRel

  extended by org.opensha.sha.imr.AbstractIMR
      extended by org.opensha.sha.imr.AttenuationRelationship
          extended by org.opensha.sha.imr.attenRelImpl.ShakeMap_2003_AttenRel
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<IntensityMeasureRelationship>, Named, ShortNamed, XMLSaveable, IntensityMeasureRelationship, ScalarIMR

public class ShakeMap_2003_AttenRel
extends AttenuationRelationship

Title: ShakeMap_2003_AttenRel

Description: This implements the Attenuation Relationship used by the ShakeMap group (2003), which is a hybrid of BJF (1997) and the low- magnitude regression developed by Vincent Quitoriano (where the former is used above mag=5.5, the latter is used below 5.0 and a linear-ramp average is used in between). However, rather than using Vs30 as the site paremeter, this uses the Wills et al. (2000, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 90, S187-S208) classification scheme and the nonlinear amplification factors of Borcherdt (1994, Earthquake Spectra, 10, 617-654). There is very little written documentation of this relationship, and what exists is full of typos and outdated information. This class was composed by Ned Field based on numerous queries to David Wald, Vincent Quitoriano, and Bruce Worden.

Supported Intensity-Measure Parameters:

Other Independent Parameters:

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