Class PlottingOptionControl

  extended by org.opensha.commons.gui.ControlPanel
      extended by org.opensha.sha.gui.controls.PlottingOptionControl
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public class PlottingOptionControl
extends ControlPanel

Title: PlottingOptionControl

Description: This class provides user with the option of adding new hazardcurves to the existing set or plotting on the top of existing. Both these options work in the following manner: 1)Ploting on top of the existing dataset : This is just addition of new dataset with the existing in a new color. Now if the existing dataset is Epistemic_List, newly added dataset can a new set of Epistemic list curves or a simple hazard curve. If the new dataste is from the simple hazard curve then just add that to the existing in a different color. But if the new dataset is a Epistemic list then add this list to the exisiting in a different color, with mean and fractile in unique color too, meaning different from the earlier dataset color. 2)Adding to existing dataset: this option only works for the epistemic list. This option won't work and will automatically get (1) option, if user is trying to add 2 different epistemic lists. Once addition has been performed then new set of fractiles and mean would be computed and plotted removing the earlier set.

: Ned Field, Nitin Gupta and Vipin Gupta

Field Summary
static String ADD_TO_EXISTING
static String NAME
static String PLOT_ON_TOP
Constructor Summary
PlottingOptionControl(Component parentComponent)
Method Summary
 void doinit()
          This method will be called the first time the control panel is displayed.
 Window getComponent()
 String getSelectedOption()
 void setSelectedOption(String option)
          sets the selected option to plot the map
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Field Detail


public static final String NAME
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public static final String ADD_TO_EXISTING
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public static final String PLOT_ON_TOP
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Constructor Detail


public PlottingOptionControl(Component parentComponent)
Method Detail


public void doinit()
Description copied from class: ControlPanel
This method will be called the first time the control panel is displayed. All setup should be in this method and not in the constructor, so that the apps can start quickly.

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doinit in class ControlPanel


public String getSelectedOption()
the selected option String choosen by the user to calculate Hazard Map.


public void setSelectedOption(String option)
sets the selected option to plot the map

option -


public Window getComponent()
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getComponent in class ControlPanel