Class NshmpWusFaultData

  extended by org.opensha.gem.GEM1.calc.gemModelParsers.GemFileParser
      extended by

public class NshmpWusFaultData
extends GemFileParser

This class builds an array list of GEMFaultSourceData objects representing faults in the Western United States according to the NSHMP model The fault models implemented so far are: - Nevada, Utah, Basin and Range States Long Faults - Nevada, Utah, Basin and Range States Short Faults - Pacific North West Normal Faults - Pacific North West Faults - Pacific North West Short Faults - Seattle Fault Zone - California B Faults - California A Faults - California Creeping Fault - Wasatch Fault


Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
NshmpWusFaultData(double latmin, double latmax, double lonmin, double lonmax)
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getAreaSourceList, getFaultSourceList, getList, getNumSources, getPointSourceList, getSubductionFaultSourceList, setList, writeAreaGMTfile, writeAreaKMLfile, writeFaultGMTfile
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Constructor Detail


public NshmpWusFaultData(double latmin,
                         double latmax,
                         double lonmin,
                         double lonmax)
                  throws FileNotFoundException