Class ButtonParameter

  extended by org.opensha.commons.param.AbstractParameter<Integer>
      extended by org.opensha.commons.param.impl.ButtonParameter
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Parameter<?>>, Named, XMLSaveable, Parameter<Integer>

public class ButtonParameter
extends AbstractParameter<Integer>

This is a dummy parameter useful in GUIs/ParameterLists where buttons are needed but not associated with an actual parameter. A ParameterChangeEvent will be fired whenever the button is clicked in the editor.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.opensha.commons.param.AbstractParameter
C, constraint, D, defaultValue, editable, independentParameters, info, metadataString, name, units, value, XML_COMPLEX_VAL_EL_NAME, XML_GROUP_METADATA_NAME, XML_METADATA_NAME, XML_NULL_VALUE
Fields inherited from interface org.opensha.commons.param.Parameter
Constructor Summary
ButtonParameter(String name, String buttonText)
Method Summary
 Object clone()
          Returns a copy so you can't edit or damage the origial.
 String getButtonText()
 ParameterEditor getEditor()
          Returns the Editor for this Parameter.
 void setButtonText(String buttonText)
protected  boolean setIndividualParamValueFromXML(Element el)
          This should set the value of this individual parameter.
Methods inherited from class org.opensha.commons.param.AbstractParameter
addIndependentParameter, addParameterChangeFailListener, addParameterChangeListener, checkEditable, compareTo, containsIndependentParameter, equals, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChangeFailed, getConstraint, getConstraintName, getDefaultValue, getDependentParamMetadataString, getIndependentParameter, getIndependentParameterList, getIndependentParametersKey, getInfo, getMetadataString, getName, getNumIndependentParameters, getType, getUnits, getValue, isAllowed, isEditable, isNullAllowed, removeIndependentParameter, removeParameterChangeFailListener, removeParameterChangeListener, setConstraint, setDefaultValue, setDependentParamMetadataString, setIndependentParameters, setIndepParamsFromXML, setInfo, setName, setNonEditable, setUnits, setValue, setValueAsDefault, setValueFromXMLMetadata, toXMLMetadata, toXMLMetadata, unableToSetValue, valueToXML
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Constructor Detail


public ButtonParameter(String name,
                       String buttonText)
Method Detail


public ParameterEditor getEditor()
Description copied from interface: Parameter
Returns the Editor for this Parameter. It is recommended that editors be lazily instantiated.

the Editor


public String getButtonText()


public void setButtonText(String buttonText)


public Object clone()
Description copied from class: AbstractParameter
Returns a copy so you can't edit or damage the origial.

Specified by:
clone in interface Parameter<Integer>
Specified by:
clone in class AbstractParameter<Integer>


protected boolean setIndividualParamValueFromXML(Element el)
Description copied from class: AbstractParameter
This should set the value of this individual parameter. The values of the independent parameters will be set by the final setValueFromXMLMetadata method

Specified by:
setIndividualParamValueFromXML in class AbstractParameter<Integer>